Music and Museum: The Bechtler Ensemble | Hans Bechtler Dedication Concert

Music and Museum: The Bechtler Ensemble | Hans Bechtler Dedication Concert

Fourth-Floor Gallery
Sunday, February 9 at 6:00 p.m.

Bechtler Ensemble: Hans and Bessie Bechtler Dedication Concert

Experience a fusion of sight and sound in this multi-disciplinary monthly music series. Performed by the Bechtler Ensemble, under the leadership of Tanja Bechtler, this innovated classical music series shares new perspectives on selected musical and visual artworks within intimate museum settings.

The Bechtler Ensemble will play Piano Trios from three time periods by Debussy, Piazzolla and Babajanian. A special program highlight includes performances from Charlotte’s Movement Migration ​a seasoned and inter-generational contemporary dance company to the Piazzolla Piano Trio. This month’s concert, presented as part of the Bechtler’s “Celebrating 10 Years” anniversary programming, is dedicated by Tanja Bechtler to her late grandfather and grandmother, Hans and Bessie Bechtler. 


Concerts are performed at 6 p.m. in the fourth-floor gallery. General seating will be available at 5:30 p.m. with a cash bar being available at the same time.


Tickets are $14 per person for the public and just $10 per person for museum members. Purchase Tickets online, by phone at 704.353.9200 or at the admission desk.

Sponsorship for the Music and Museum: Bechtler Ensemble Series is provided by Natascha Bechtler, Margaret Martin, George and Peg Povinelli and Donald Sohn.